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We offer a comprehensive range of services to treat all aspects of our patients' hearing. We are experts at fitting hearing aids, but we also specialize in prevention and protection, and we are particularly dedicated to serving the needs of our veteran community. Being led by a licensed, certified audiologist instead of a hearing aid dispenser allows us to treat more complicated hearing situations and to conduct a broader range of audiological examinations. For example, only audiologists can test and treat children.

If you are frequently exposed to loud noises — if you're a construction worker, a musician, or an avid hunter — we strongly encourage you to protect your hearing now to prevent hearing loss in the future. We do custom fittings of noise-canceling devices right in our office and we'll be happy to help you keep your ears safe.

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What to Expect from Hearing Aids

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It's important to us that our patients know what to expect. Hearing aids will often help you, but they can’t always solve your concerns entirely. Other times, if your hearing loss is relatively simple, all we need to do is raise the volume a little bit to significantly improve your quality of life. We want to make sure you understand your situation and what your options are, and we will never, ever pressure you into making a decision. If you need to go home and think about it for a little while, we're happy to give you all the time you need. The decision for what to do about your hearing is yours and yours alone.

Once you've decided to move forward with hearing aids, we will fit you with the devices that are best for your needs. You will have 30 days to return your hearing aids if you don't like them, but we are proud to say that we have a very low return rate. We know hearing aids and we listen to our patients' needs, so we're very good at matching patients to the right hearing aids.

We recommend that you bring a family member to your appointments, especially your first. Having someone else weigh in with another perspective on your hearing situation can help us better understand what you need, and we can also show them how to change the battery and set the hearing aid in your ear, so they can help you if you need a hand at home. That way, if something goes wrong (such as the hearing aid squealing or being stopped up), you've got a family member who knows what to do.

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