Hearing Aids at Hemphill Hearing Center

As an independent audiology practice, we are loyal to our patients, not to any hearing aid manufacturer. That means we're able to prescribe hearing aids with our patients' needs in mind above all else. There are six major hearing aid brands available on the market today - Oticon, Starkey, ReSound, Signia, Widex, and Phonak - and we are familiar with models from all of them, although there are certain brands and technologies that we and our patients are consistently the most satisfied with.

We work with every patient to make sure that our hearing aid recommendations address their concerns and their hearing aids. If you have existing hearing aids from another audiologist or dispenser, we can help with repairs or programming regardless of the brand or model.

Our Favorite Manufacturers: Oticon, ReSound, and Starkey

While we offer hearing aids from other manufacturers, recently we've been impressed by the hearing aid models and technology from these three brands. Oticon's Opn hearing aid has made a huge difference for our patients; the sound quality is excellent, patients can hear and understand in noisy situations, the hearing aids seldom need repairs, and people have an easy time operating the devices. We also find that ReSound and Starkey are reliable and high-quality, and if we have questions, these companies are especially good at responding to us and making sure we can help our patients.

The Oticon OPN at Hemphill Hearing Center The Linx at Hemphill Hearing Center The Muse at Hemphill Hearing Center

On a technology level, Oticon and ReSound are the top of the line at offering Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable batteries, both of which have been huge game-changers for our patients. Widex and Siemens are the best for patients who have unaidable hearing on one side; previously, we had limited ability to help these patients, but new technology has opened up amazing possibilities for them.

Hearing Aids at Hemphill Hearing Center

Choosing hearing aids depends on the severity and type of your hearing loss, as well as your lifestyle. Most patients fit one of four lifestyle categories, which we use to help us better understand each patient's needs.

Vibrant Lifestyle Active Lifestyle Social Lifestyle Calm Lifestyle

The most popular type of hearing aids now is the receiver-in-canal model, which keeps its technology behind your ear and places the receiver down close to the eardrum with a little wire. These hearing aids give less feedback with higher levels of power, better audio clarity, and a physically open feeling in your ear.

Repair and Maintenance of Hearing Aids

Cleaning hearing aids at Hemphill Hearing Center

When it comes to taking care of hearing aids, the two most important things are to keep them clean and dry. We'll show you how to clean any wax and dirt off your hearing aids, and you'll need to clean them daily for their best performance. Moisture can be very damaging for hearing aids, so make sure to never wear yours in the pool or in the shower, and don't store them overnight in a humid place like the bathroom. Also, keep your hearing aids away from pets; dogs in particular love to chew on them.

We recommend that patients come in at least every three months so we can check and clean their hearing aids. We have a machine that can remove moisture buildup from hearing aids, which is especially important in a humid area like ours.

Changing Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aids can be purchased from our office or from most retail stores. In order to get the most out of your hearing aids, you'll need to change batteries regularly. How often depends on the size of the batteries, how many hours a day you wear your hearing aids, and how much power is needed for your level of amplification. Most hearing aids come with devices that make it easier to remove the old hearing aid and insert a new one, and modern hearing aids give an alert if your batteries are running low, whether it's a tone or a verbal warning.

One of the best new technologies is rechargeable batteries, which is a perfect fit for patients who might have difficulty replacing batteries themselves due to dexterity or vision problems. With rechargeable hearing aids, you just plug them in overnight and they'll be ready to go in the morning.

Exclusive EarQ Secure 4-Year Warranty

The EarQ Secure 4-Year Warranty

We are proud to be providers of the EarQ brand, which includes the best hearing aid warranty in the business, the EarQ Secure 4-Year Warranty. While most manufacturers can only provide a two or three year warranty, EarQ devices come with protection up to four years. The warranty also allows you to have your devices served at any EarQ provider, nationwide. Ask us about this during your appointment!

Choosing Affordable Hearing Aids

Hearing aids that have an app on a smart watch

When it comes to pricing, it doesn't matter which model you choose, whether you get a behind-the-ear model or a custom-fit one - most models cost the same. What affects the price isn't the shape of your hearing aid, it's the technology level inside the hearing aid. Some hearing aids are simpler and less expensive, while others are more sophisticated and have a higher price.

We use the analogy of video formats. An entry-level hearing aid is like a VHS tape, a middle level is like a DVD, and an advanced level is like Blu-ray. You get better definition with more advanced technology. If you’ve never seen a video, and you watch a VHS tape, the picture will seem perfectly clear and you’ll get a good signal. For many patients, an entry-level hearing aid is perfect - if you mostly stay home and spend time with your friends and family or watch TV, you won't need as much from your hearing aid. But if you're very active and you want to be able to hear in more complicated environments, you may need a higher level of technology. It also depends on your ears and your hearing loss. If you've lost a little hearing but you can still understand clearly, then just turning the volume up with a simple hearing aid will be an option for you. But if your ears are more like broken speakers and the sound is distorted even if we turn the volume up, you'll benefit from a more clarifying hearing aid with more sophisticated technology.

Hearing Aid Accessories

We are proud to carry a variety of hearing aid accessories, designed to help you connect with the technology in your life. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

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