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What exactly is hearing loss, and how do hearing aids work? We find that many of our patients come to us with basic questions or misconceptions about hearing loss and hearing aids. Because we want our patients to make informed decisions and truly understand their options, we've gathered some of the most common information that patients need to know about hearing.

Common Signs of Hearing Loss

You might have hearing loss if you find yourself turning the TV up higher than people around you, giving the wrong answers or answering the wrong questions, asking people to repeat themselves a lot, or isolating yourself because you’re not able to communicate with people and it's frustrating. Many of our patients notice there's a problem because they can't hear the pastors at church. If any of these sound familiar, it's probably worth coming in for a hearing test. Even if nothing's wrong, it can be helpful to put your mind at ease and have a baseline in case your hearing changes in the future.

Questions & Answers

What kind of difference can hearing aids make? When should I get treatment? Can my hearing aids be programmed for my lifestyle? What is tinnitus?

Types of Hearing Loss

A construction worker wearing hearing protection

Your treatment plan depends on what kind of hearing loss you have. Most forms of hearing loss can be treated, so it's worth looking into your options, even if other doctors have given you the impression that there may not be a solution for you. There are three main kinds of hearing loss:

You can also have a combination of nerve damage and either wax or fluid buildup, which will make your hearing even worse. In this case, the first step is for a physician to treat the conductive hearing loss, and then the remaining hearing loss can usually be treated with hearing devices.

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