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If you have hearing loss, don't put off treating it. You may not realize just how much you're missing — but finding the right solution for hearing loss can make a huge difference for you and for your family.

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If you have hearing loss, don't put off treatment. You don’t need to continue missing out on life’s moments, big or small. Finding the right solution for hearing loss can make a huge difference for you and for your family.

Hemphill Hearing Center has helped solve hearing loss for people in the East Texas/West Louisiana area since 1998. We're led by Dr. Karen Mills, a hometown audiologist from Graves, Texas, who treats every patient like a member of her own family. Our hearing aid patients come from as far away as Lufkin, Jasper, and Orange and even from parts of Louisiana because they know we'll take good care of them.

If you've started wondering whether something is wrong with your hearing, it never hurts to get your hearing tested, just in case. Don't worry about being pressured into buying expensive hearing aids. We understand that choosing treatment for your hearing is a personal decision, and we also know that hearing aids are an investment. We do everything we can to be flexible with pricing and financing because ultimately we just want to help people hear. We're here to help you make the right decision for you. We try to offer every patient the opportunity to try a demo unit so they can see what a difference hearing aids can make. And even if you purchase hearing aids and change your mind, you can return them within 30 days for no charge, so it's completely risk-free.

All of our hearing aids come with a standard three-year repair, loss, and damage warranty.

We Help Make Hearing Aids Affordable

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We accept most insurance and are proud to help our veterans through the Veteran's Choice Program and VA contracts for Compensation and Pension determination. We also accept all major credit cards. If you need financing, we gladly take CareCredit, and in-office financing may also be an option. We just want to help you get your hearing back, so we will find a solution of some sort that you can afford.

If you're concerned about the investment that goes into hearing aids, try comparing the cost to eyeglasses. Most people have to go back every year or two to get new glasses, and glasses aren't cheap. These days, the average life of a hearing aid is 5–7 years with proper care, meaning you'll only need to pay for them once for years of wear. Because we can change the programming inside, you don't have to get a whole new device every time your hearing changes.

Your First Appointment

When you first arrive, you'll be greeted by Melissa, our office manager, who will gather your information and make sure you're comfortable. Our audiologist will call you back when we're ready for your appointment. We'll talk about what you've noticed and what problems you're having. Then our audiologist will clean your ears (since many people have cerumen (wax) buildup and check for any sort of visible medical issues. After that, we'll begin the testing, which is never painful or uncomfortable. You may hear loud noises, but nothing that will hurt your ears. Once the tests are finished, we'll go over the results with you and explain where the problem is, what has caused it, and what we can do to help.

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